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Zuhair Murad'23: The couture Bride gown

The Couture Bride gown exudes ethereal beauty, adorned with meticulously handcrafted 3D flowers formed from the finest satin and organza. Delicately intertwined with intricately embroidered lace, this gown captures a sense of timeless elegance.

The romantic Couture Bride exude an enchanting and ethereal aura, floating onto the runway in a mesmerizing dress that crafts a sense of regal charm and mysterious allure.

Unveiling the Bridal Spring 2024 collection brings the meticulous Zuhair Murad Savoir Faire process to life. Floral motifs grace the intricate beading, adorning this ethereal lace dress with abundance. Corded lace and appliqués enhance full ball gowns, while delicate Chantilly lace hosts blooming 3D flowers in a flourish of artistry.


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