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Jeon Yeobeen Shines in Ines Di Santo!

Director Kim Jee Woon's drama/mystery film 'Cobweb' had its first official screening on May 25th at the Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière as part of the out-of-competition lineup during the 76th Cannes Film Festival. The Cannes Film Festival, held annually in Cannes, France, is renowned as one of the world's most prestigious film festivals, showcasing a diverse selection of films from different genres and countries.

Korean actress Jeon Yeobeen graced the Cannes Film Festival in a mesmerizing look, donning our exquisite Nepeta gown.

The Nepeta gown, featured in Spring 2021 Bridal Couture Collection, is an asymmetrical, rouched sheath dress with a high neck halter neckline and a distinctive low back design.


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