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Hamda al Fahim'23: The mesmerizing details and a closer look at these sophisticated pieces

Meet the breathtaking bridal collection from Hamda al Fahim Fashion House.

The classic silhouette of the bride is complemented by perfect crystal embroidery.

Adorned with glittering sequins, crystals, and glass beads, these gorgeous gowns transcribe luxury and femininity. They are cut to a princess silhouette with the additional asymmetrical draped tulle which adds softness to contrast the glistening ice crystals and snowy branches.

The collection tapped into the same sense of realness.

“I’m a woman designing for women,” the designer said. “How could I not take their needs into consideration? That said, being realistic doesn’t mean tuning into banality mode.”

These dreamy magical wedding dresses are finished with an everlasting veil that tumbles down the back to draw the eye to the beautiful pattern of a winter dream.


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