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ELIE SAAB BRIDAL FW24 is a poetic expression of optimism and promise. The collection is a

glimpse into a bygone era of alluring femininity, celebrating glamorous bridal elegance in

simple lines, exceptional detailing and subtle sparkle OF DIAMOND DUST.

Art Déco inspired, each gown is exquisitely composed with precise intention and material

artistry. Fine filigree beadwork tresses across ballet and strapless necklines into linear

symmetrical abstractions that cascade down demure tulle skirts in glistening sunrays.

Sumptuous draped mikado wraps the female form as pure satin ties into a sweetheart bow,

bringing a hint of capricious movement to pristine structural lines. Iridescent crystals and

sequins delicately illuminate floral appliqué and hemlines, like gemstones catching flickers

of light. Delicate floral outlines of Chantilly lace dance off shoulders and down lustrous

sleeves, only to soften into ballgowns of voluminous proportion.

Exquisite fabrics and ornamental textures become streamlined silhouettes that exude sleek

sophistication and lustrous grace. A wispy feathered veil floats above a fitted sheath gown

with a V-neck back, its translucent tulle skirt shimmering in constellations of diamond dust.

Like heirloom broaches, a vintage-inspired bow in rhinestones and silver thread embellishes

the cinched waistline of a short bell gown with an airy ruffle skirt. Contrasting floral

embroidery and point d’esprit tulle balance into a mermaid gown with a subtle sweep train

of lingering impressions. Each tight-waisted bejewelled expression clasps shut with

complementing boleros and veils.

The ELIE SAAB BRIDAL FW24 collection finds magnificence in the movement between

modern imagination and contemporary poise.


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